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DUPB is a student run organization that is composed of five different committees that are responsible for ensuring that campus programs and events happen for undergraduate students. We strive to promote a campus-wide community through our planned activities.  We love working with other student groups and love to hear you ideas.  Feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you.


To provide entertaining, inexpensive, and inclusive events and all programs for all undergraduate students.  


There are two co-presidents that handle the internal and external running of the organization. 

  • Co-Presidents: Alayna Zuckerman, Sabrina Jain      


Traditions is responsible for Winter Carnival, May Days, and certain aspects of Homecoming


These are the events that everyone loves to go to, that happen throughout the year.  Events like films, trivia, bingo, hump week, etc, are the focus of this committee.

Special Events

These are the unique events that happen once a year.  Events may include things like comedians, speakers, pumpkin carving, etc.


These events are centered around music and the appreciation of it.  Typically we think of concerts like those at Music Fest or Fall Festivus, but they may also include open mic nights or a rock band competition.


Each committee has specific students assigned to lead their marketing efforts, ensuring that students know what amazing events they will get to attend during the school year. Overseeing these liaisons are our marketing coordinators. 


This committee is in charge of all collaborations and partnerships with other DU organizations or departments. If you want to partner with DUPB on an event, reach out to this committee or fill out a partnership form available on Orgsync!

  • Co-Chairs: Ingrid Von Kleydorff, Tasha Feichtinger

Have questions?  Contact us at 


Our office is located at 2055 East Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80210 | Driscoll Underground.

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