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  • Category: Cultural
  • Description: The primary goal of Nourish Peace at DU is to promote peace through supporting education in third world countries. This is done by holding various events and projects, both geared towards fundraising and raising awareness. This organization was originally started at a high school and has now gone to the college level. Nourish Peace supports a non-profit organization called Global Education Fund (GEF). GEF provides support, a common purpose, and community service events for Nourish Peace. Nourish Peace does not have any financial ties with any other school or organization. For the Nourish Peace chapter at the University of Denver, the message of peace through education will be strongly promoted. Nourish Peace at DU would like to provide volunteer opportunities like book packing with GEF, hold fundraisers such as t-shirt sales, and have other events to get the DU community involved in and educated about the international community. We believe education is the best method to nourish peace all over the world.
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    • education
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